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Economic Development and Mechanization in Africa

The second installment in the Soybean Innovation Lab's webinar series, "Improving Mechanization for African Smallholder Farmers." Presentations from SIL's Dr. Kerry Clark and MOST (Malawi Oilseed Sector Transformation). Recorded June 6, 2017.

The Soybean Innovation Lab is hosting a series of webinars on improving mechanization for smallholder farmers in Africa. This series began by focusing on thresher technology and is now moving into discussion on design, training, commercialization, manufacturing, business development models, gender issues, and technology dissemination into society.  The second webinar in the "Improving Mechanization for African Smallholder Farmers" series will feature presentations from the Malawi Oilseed Sector Transformation (MOST) program and the Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL).
The Malawi Oilseed Sector Transformation (MOST) program aims to increase the incomes of poor women and men working in Malawi’s cotton, groundnut, soybean, and sunflower markets. MOST seeks to have a transformational impact by supporting changes in the market system that fundamentally alter the way business is done to ensure greater benefits for the poor. MOST’s portfolio of interventions focuses on facilitating improved access to farm inputs, including better quality seed and pesticides and improved access to agronomic information. MOST is also expanding rural value addition opportunities, by promoting access to threshing; shelling and processing of oilseeds; and developing marketing and distribution systems in farm input and crop output markets.

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research (Soybean Innovation Lab, SIL) is the United States Agency for International Development’s only comprehensive program dedicated to soybean research for development. The Soybean Innovation Lab is building a foundation for soybean production in Africa by developing the knowledge, innovation, and technologies to enable successful soybean production. As part of the Feed the Future initiative, the Soybean Innovation Lab works to reduce global poverty and hunger by accelerating growth in the agriculture sector through improvements in agricultural productivity among smallholder farmers.

Webinar Slides:


Thresher Training and Development in Ghana

Webinar Speakers Include:

Towera Jalakasi
Soybean Sector Intervention Manager
Malawi Oilseed Sector Transformation

Towera Jalakasi is the Soybean Sector Intervention Manager for MOST. She specializes in refining and developing businesses and market opportunities as well as brokering relevant partnership solutions in the business and finance sectors.

Kerry Clark
Soybean Innovation Lab Researcher
Soybean Innovation Lab

Kerry Clark leads the Soybean Innovation Lab's Technology and Mechanization Team and is working to increase agricultural mechanization through equipment design, training of local blacksmiths, and building communication networks of individuals and groups working in agricultural equipment development in Africa.