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Environmental Analytical Testing Lab

In Northern Ghana, soybean production is growing, as is the use of agricultural inputs like pesticides and fertilizers. As agricultural intensification occurs, soil and water may be at a higher risk for potential contamination.

The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) is working with the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI) to enhance their lab’s capabilities to characterize soil and water quality for local farming communities, including developing the first testing lab in northern Ghana capable of evaluating biological contamination.

Dr. Jeremy Guest, who leads the SIL Environmental Impact Assessment, is collaborating with SARI researchers to develop a modern Environmental Analytical Lab at SARI in northern Ghana. Dr. Guest and his team traveled to Ghana where they provided the necessary training, capacity building and infrastructure to equip SARI technicians with additional tools to analyze soil and water samples for potential contamination.  

The new Environmental Analytical Lab enables SARI to also test for coliforms and E. coli, indicators of potentially harmful pathogens that can cause disease in people and livestock. Knowing the extent to which these indicators are present in soil and water will aid governments, development agencies and farmers in preventing future contamination, reducing current risks and in creating new management practices to better protect human health. 




Dr. Jeremy Guest