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The Soybean Innovation Lab holds in-person and online events throughout the year bringing together research institutions, the private sector, development organizations, and extension and government agencies to share the latest innovations, knowledge and technologies underway to support soy production in tropical environments.

Featured Recent Events


WEBINAR: Critical Success Factors for Soy Dairy Development and Scaling

WEBINAR: The SIL Multi-Crop Thresher: Scaling and Success in the Field

WEBINAR: Principles of Soil Science for Managing Soybean Production: the Sub-Saharan African Context
WEBINAR: Input Bundling:  Business-Led Strategies to Improve Soybean Yields
WEBINAR: The Pan-African Trials:  Addressing Seed Availability across 14 Countries and 50+ Locations with 40+ Varieties
WEBINAR: Why Gender & Land Matter in Rural Ghana and the World:  The Importance of Closing the Gender Gap in Agricultural Development
WEBINAR: YouthMappers: Navigating the Ghanaian Soy Value Chain
WEBINAR: SIL's Low-Cost, Locally-Produced and Locally-Serviced Thresher
WEBINAR: Pan-African Soybean Variety Trial Malawi: Preliminary Data Analysis


2019 Events

2/11/19 YouthMappers: Navigating the Ghanaian Soy Value Chain


2018 Events

7/26/2018 SIL's Low-Cost, Locally-Produced and Locally-Serviced Thresher

7/24/2018 Pan-African Soybean Variety Trial Malawi: Preliminary Data Analysis Webinar

• 6/12/2018 The Economics and Nutrition of Soy in School Lunches: Evidence from the Field

5/9/2018 Focus Groups 101: Brief Guide to Conducting Focus Groups in Village Settings

4/25/2018 Complementary Food for Africa: New Products and Approaches for Improved Childhood Nutrition

3/26/2018-3/27/2018 Pan-African Soybean Variety Trial Field Days


2017 Events

10/20/2017 Soy Food School Lunch Catering Training

•  10/18/2017 The 2nd Annual Ghana Soy Food Bazaar

10/16/2017 The 3rd Annual Ghana Soybean Kick-Off Event

10/11/2017 The Ethiopia Soy Food Bazaar

• 10/9/2017 The Ethiopia Soybean Kick-Off Event

• 9/27/2017 Field Guide to African Soybean Pest and Diseases Webinar

9/20/2017 Implementation and Evaluation of Appropriate Scale Technologies for Sustainable Intensification

8/2/2017 Improving Mechanization for African Smallholder Farmers: CleBer LLC and the Oggun Tractor

7/6/2017 Improving Mechanization for African Smallholder Farmers - Part Three

• 6/15/2017 Variety Trialing Network Webinar Series: Establishing the Network

6/6/17 Economic Development and Mechanization in Africa

5/26/17 Strengthening the Demand for Soy: Marketing Techniques for Soy Dairies

5/3/17 Improving Mechanization for African Smallholder Farmers

• 4/3/17-4/4/17 Third Annual Food Security Symposium: Commercial Agriculture in the Tropical Environments

3/15/17 Soybean, a New Technology for Development, A Center for African Studies Brown Bag Series Event

1/9/17 Hygienic Practices for Food Safety in Small & Medium-Size Businesses


2016 Events

10/21/16 Soy Food Bazaar: The Role of Soy in Ghanaian Cuisine

10/18/16 Second Annual Soybean Kick-off Event: Showcasing Research-for-Development in Action

10/13/16 World Food Prize Event: Crop Intensification in the Tropics

• 9/29/16 Packaging Techniques to Improve Soy Food Shelf Life

• 9/2/16 Soybean Expansion in the Tropics - 2016 AAEA Meeting, Boston, MA

7/28/16 Meet the Next Generation of African Plant Breeders

• 7/7/16 2016 Bi-Annual Meeting of Ghana Partners

5/27/16 Building the Network of Soy Dairy Processing Enterprises


2015 Events

• Low-Latitude Soybean Adaptation


2014 Events

• USAID Tropical Soybean for Development Workshop