Household Soy Processing and Utilization Training Courses

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The Soybean Innovation Lab provides intensive village level trainings and workshops focused on soy processing, soy nutrition and soy integration into local cooking applications through interactive and hands-on workshops.

Soybean has great nutritional and financial benefits for smallholder farmers. Yet many smallholders lack the basic knowledge of small-scale soy processing and how to incorporate protein rich soy ingredients into their diets.  

In each village workshop, participants learn how to turn soybeans into soymilk, tofu and flour that can be used in locally enhanced dishes. The workshops also teach participants about basic nutrition, the role of protein in promoting healthy development of bones and bodies, and the value of adding soy-based protein to their families’ diets. 

Contact us to obtain soy nutrition extension training materials or to discuss conducting village level trainings. 


Margaret Murray Cornelius  
University of Illinois
(217) 300-2961