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How Can We Overcome Low Soybean Yield In Africa?

The demand for soybean in Africa is so high that at certain times of the year a bushel of soybeans in Ghana will bring a higher price than a bushel of soybeans in Chicago, Illinois, USA. High demand for soybean provides smallholder farmers an opportunity to produce a profitable cash crop. But smallholders lack access to quality seed, inputs, and technology, resulting in low yield. The Soybean Innovation Lab produces the knowledge, innovation and technology to improve yield.

4,800 Soybean Success Kits were distributed to smallholder farmers. 2,400 kits were distributed in Ghana and 2,400 kits in Mozambique.

The Soybean Success Kits provide the knowledge, innovation and technology to potentially reach millions of smallholder farmers to meet African soybean demand with African production.

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