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Improving Mechanization for African Smallholder Farmers Webinar Series: CleBer LLC and the Oggun Tractor

This webinar is the fourth installment in the Soybean Innovation Lab's webinar series, "Improving Mechanization for African Smallholder Farmers." Presenters included SIL's Dr. Kerry Clark and CleBer LLC's Locky Catron and Horace Clemmons. Broadcast August 2nd, 2017. 



CleBer LLC is the developer of the Oggún Tractor and power system, which uses an Open System Manufacturing model, meaning that they give the design and parts lists to all customers. Their global business model is not one of selling a tractor, but is enabling developing economies to manufacture a tractor. All parts are off-the-shelf and the tractor is a simple design that is easy to both fabricate and fix. The power system that the tractor is built on could also be used to develop other tools such as a small truck or combine. CleBer is currently working with several land grant universities in an effort to establish an implement architecture body similar to what happened with open system software. CleBer is also offering a no-till planter that can be animal or machine pulled. 

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research is the United States Agency for International Development's only comprehensive program dedicated to soybean research for development. The Soybean Innovation Lab is building a foundation for soybean production in Africa by developing the knowledge, innovation, and technologies to enable successful soybean production. As part of the Feed the Future initiative, the Soybean Innovation Lab works to reduce global poverty and hunger by accelerating growth in the agriculture sector through improvements in agricultural productivity among smallholder farmers.


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Webinar Speakers
Horace Clemmons
Horace discussed the Oggun business model, the tractor utility, and the potential to work with organizations trying to improve mechanization options in Africa. Horace Clemmons is respons‍‍‍ible ‍‍‍for the vision of CleBer. This is not his first time to be an industry disruptor - in 1983 he was a pioneer in establishing standards for the use of PC software and hardware in the retail business segment. 
Kerry Clark
Kerry Clark leads the Soybean Innovation Lab's Technology and Mechanization Team and is working to increase agricultural mechanization through equipment design, training of local blacksmiths, and building communication networks of individuals and groups working in agricultural equipment development in Africa.