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Large-Scale Soy Processing Technical Assistance

Image credit: Getty ImagesThe Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) offers support services for large-scale companies interested in diversifying their production lines to include soy ingredients and soy-based foods. SIL brings food processing expertise in soybean oil, poultry feed, textured soy protein, soymilk, soy yogurt and soy flour production. SIL’s technical expertise stems from its team’s experience within one of the largest American processing facilities, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM). 

SIL helps companies source, install, and train on equipment operation for their soy ingredient and soy food manufacturing. For any new soy product we assist with identifying appropriate packaging machinery, implementing HACCP systems, product formulation with attention to nutritional value and designing business and marketing plans. (Above image credit: Getty Images)

Meet the Technical Lead: 

Richard Irish is an industrial food processing expert.  Richard brings expertise across a number of product lines including soy dairy, soy feeds, soy oils, textured soy proteins and other soy ingredients.  He worked as the facility manager for eight years at Archer Daniels Midland in its multiseed crushing and oil refinery facility. He also has worked as Technical Director at Tiger Oats Limited in South Africa and as the Vice President of Engineering for National Sun Industries in North Dakota. He holds his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the Wiwatersrand, was registered as a professional engineer in South Africa, and holds Certificates of Competence in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the South African Government, as well as a certificate from the Management Development Program from the University of South Africa.

Richard and SIL are collaborating with the Agricultural Diversification Project of Malawi, a USAID mission-funded project, to develop soybean in Malawi. Specifically the team is working with SunSeed Oil, Ltd. in Lilongwe, Malawi, to diversify its soy food production to include soymilk, soy yogurt and soy flour.

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