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Notes from the Field

SIL's Notes from the Field blogs are designed to provide our audience with an up-close look at the researchers, collaborators, and communities that SIL is engaging with to improve the soybean value chain in Sub-Saharan Africa. Read on to learn more about what our team members are up to out in the field! 

Posted August 23rd, 2018 -Bert Manieson,
Sabina Abuga and Francis Debrah discuss how 
their survey respondents helped them understand
where soy comes from and how it gets to the processors.
Posted August 23rd, 2018 -  Kwame Odame,
Gladys Adjei and Kingsley Kanjihis share their
thoughts from getting to learn about soy processors'
experiences in Kumasi.
Posted August 23rd, 2018 - Ebenezer Boateng,
Confidence Kpodo and Godfred Eshun Afful discuss
the many advantages Kobo Toolbox has over more
traditional data collection methods and what that means
for their research. 
Posted August 23rd, 2018 - Faustina Lina Yebooah,
Anthony Acquah and Daniel Osei describe how interviews 
in the field gave them a better understanding of the
impact soy has in Kumasi, Ghana. 
Posted August 15th, 2018 - Paul Bondize Afful
describes his time with industry professionals,
learning about their breeding tools and technologies. 
Posted August 15th, 2018 - Nana Opuni Muhammed
shares her thoughts on the ways academia and
industry can guide her professionally in the future.  
Posted August 15th, 2018 - Samuel Adu Osei shares
his perspective on the technologies and laboratories 
the interns visiting at the University of Illinois. 
Posted August 2nd, 2018 - SIL researcher Stephan
Tubene finishes his travels in Mozambique, gaining
a better understanding of the smallholder farmers 
and cooperatives in Zambezi. 
Posted July 30th, 2018 - SIL researcher Stephan
Tubene continues his travels in Mozambique, gaining
a better understanding of the relationships between
smallholder soybean farmers and their buyers in the
poultry industry. 
Posted July 27th, 2018 - MSU students Kelly Lower 
and Taylor Yarbrough wrap up their journey to Ghana 
with Dr. Kathleen Ragsdale, and share the personal 
and professional insights they gained from their work. 
Posted July 25th, 2018 - SIL researcher Stephan Tubene
travels to Rutanda in Mozambique to use focus groups
to discover the relationships between key soybean
value chainplayers.
Posted July 15th, 2018 - MSU students Kelly Lower and
Taylor Yarbrough gain a firsthand look at how gender
equity can impact access to and control of land while
running focus groups in Tolon and Karaga. 
Posted July 12th, 2018 - MSU students Kelly Lower and
Taylor Yarbrough team up with partners from Catholic
Relief Services to conduct focus groups with men and
women community members in Saboba and Chereponi. 
Posted July 10th, 2018 - MSU students Kelly Lower and
Taylor Yarbrough travel with SIL researcher Dr. Kathleen
Ragsdale to begin fieldwork collecting the second wave
of the Soybean Uptake & Network Survey in northern Ghana.