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Pesticide Management and Safety Course

In Sub-Saharan Africa, pesticides are often critical to improving agricultural productivity. Pesticides are chemical compounds used to control pests, weeds, insects or other diseases in food production systems. Mishandling and improper disposal of these chemicals can lead to adverse side effects for humans, animals and the environment. Education is needed on the proper use, protection and safe disposal of these chemicals.

To provide this critical training, the Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) developed a basic pesticide training program appropriate for researchers, technicians, extensionists, farm workers and producers. SIL specialists conduct the training and demonstrated the use of the personal protective equipment to ensure safe application, storage and disposal.

The educational training materials were developed by Mississippi State University, an institution with a long history of training farmers and businesses on the safe use of pesticides. The training covers issues related to when pesticides should be used, common toxins found in pesticides, the different types of pesticides being used, how to apply, store and dispose of pesticides safely and the use of personal protective equipment for pesticide safety.

The pesticide training program ensures that researchers, technicians and other practitioners engaged in agricultural development in Africa protect themselves and the environment.

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