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In the Press

Our work doesn't go unnoticed. The Soybean Innovation Lab continues to be featured in numerous publications both nationally and internationally. Through a wide variety of mediums, we distribute the local, scientific, data-driven and evidence-based knowledge and technology to those tasked with soybean production in tropical environments. Check out our stories to learn about the researchers, people and organizations who develop the needed technology, knowledge and innovations for successful soybean production in Africa and the world.


2018 Press

12/5/2018 Soybean Helps Rebuild Nigeria Post Conflict

11/26/2018 Soybean Innovation Lab and CABI explore a stepwise investment approach using technology bundles

10/26/2018 Gender Equity in Northern Ghana

10/12/2018 Nigeria Soy Consultation University of Illinois SIL Update

9/10/2018 University of Illinois Leading the Way in Global Food Security

9/5/2018 Identifying Challenges and Constraints Experienced by Women Smallholder Farmers in Northern Ghana

8/23/2018 Technology Adoption: A Catch-22

8/14/2018 Global Food Initiative grant sows seeds

6/1/2018 Feed the Future in Ghana - Promising Progress, Choices Ahead: A Trip Report of the CSIS Delegation to Ghana, February 2018

5/23/2018 Smallholder Farmers Trained on SIL Multi-Crop Thresher Device

4/11/18 The 'Bread Basket' of the Tropics? Study Explores Tropical Grain Production

4/8/2018 Making Inroads in Africa Fits UI's Long-Term Goal, Officials Say 

3/28/2018 Farmers to Benefit From New Varieties of Soybean Seeds

3/13/2018 Value Addition Backbone to National Development

2/2018 Soybean Value Chain Project Advancing, Collaborations and Awareness

2/5/2018 Value Chain Perspective - Seed World 

• 1/3/2018 A Transforming Resource - Seed World


2017 Press

• 11/22/2017 Soy Dairy Merits Credit from 1D1F Program

11/9/2017 Soybean Value Chain initiative advances in Nigeria

• 11/7/2017 Social Science Research Center Spotlight: Audrey Reid

11/6/2017 Empowering Women Through Soy: An Interview with SIL Director Pete Goldsmith

10/26/2017 Ethiopia Kick-Off Showcases Effects of Input and Agronomy on Yields 

10/26/2017 Ethiopia Soy Food Bazaar offers opportunities to integrate soy in local cuisine

10/24/2017 Ghanaian Chefs go Knife-To-Knife to Promote Soy Nutrition and Dietary Diversity

10/4/2017 UIUC College of ACES Office of International Programs Newsletter - Three SIL stories were covered in this newsletter.

10/17 Soy Dairy Entrepreneur Network

9/5/17 Scholar works to improve soil fertility in Ghana

9/5/17 Adding commercial soy in developing countries brings unique challenges

3/9/17 Soybean Researcher Returns to His Roots in Ghana - USAID FrontLines Magazine

3/8/17 How to Own the Pond - University of Missouri CAFNR News

3/8/17 Blacksmiths in Ghana Test New Skills in the Thresher Market

3/6/17 A Taste for Soy - March 2017 Progressive Farmer Magazine

3/1/2017 The Soybean Innovation Lab Welcomes Annie Dee as a New Advisory Board Member

2/8/17 Gender Equity & Soybean Farmers in Rural Ghana

• 2/3/17 Dee Named to Soybean Innovation Lab Advisory Board

1/31/17 An American University and Family-Owned Business Help Farmers Cut Costs

• 1/23/17 The Soybean Innovation Lab Welcomes Annie Dee as a New Advisory Board Member

1/16/17 AdvanCES in Research - Finding the best seeds to match Africa's needs

1/6/17 Know Your Community: Tropical Legumes


Stories Featured in Feed the Future Newsletters

• An American University and Family-Owned Business Help Farmers Cut Costs

• For Mozambican Smallholders, Soybeans Hold the Key

• Educating the Next Generation of African Plant Breeders

• Soybean Testing Trials Hold Key to Better Yields in Sub-Saharan Africa

• Ensuring Sustainable Tropical Soybean Production

• Researchers Reduce Processing of Soy Products to Boost Household Consumption

• First-of-Its-Kind Research Addresses Gender Inequalities in Soybean Production


2016 press

• 12/21/16 Soy-Blended Complementary Food Could Prevent Childhood Stunting and Improve Nutrition in Northern Ghana

• 11/30/16 For Mozambican Smallholders, Soybeans Hold the Key

• 11/17/16 ACES investigators discuss opportunities and challenges of USAID-sponsored programs

11/14/16 Finding the Right Matches - University of Missouri CAFNR News

Help for soybean industry in Africa starts with the source

Internship Provides New Opportunities to Next Generation of African Plant Breeders

MSU The Chronicle: Gender and Soybean Research in Ghana

Partnership Brings New Technology to Smallholder Farmers in Ghana

University of Illinois Engineering Students Making a Difference in Africa

In Northern Ghana, It’s the SoyCows That Are Boosting Protein in Kids’ Diets

Smallholders could meet much more of Africa's soybean demand

• Syngenta Foundation and Soybean Innovation Lab sponsor soybean field day in Kenya

SoyCows Bring Business Opportunities to African Communities

University of Ghana - New Master Program in Plant Breeding

Selling Soybean Seeds In Africa: Public-Private Partnership Seeks Funds to Expand Variety Tests

Grant to Aid in Building Aquaculture Industry in Southern Africa

Soybean Testing Trials Hold Key to Better Yields in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Pilot Training in Ghana Leverages Local Materials and Local Engineers

ACES @ Illinois Univesrity of Illinois Fall 2016 Issue - Into Africa


Seed World Magazine Stories by Dr. Dennis Thompson

• Unheralded Contributions

• Same Goal, Different Pathways

• She Just Laughed

• Seeds to Provide the Necessities

• Abundant Resources Are Not an Entitlement

• Make Genetic Gain, Don’t Just Release Cultivars

• Extending His Passion and Knowledge Globally

• Soybean Research Aims to Boost Food Security

• It's A High Wire Act

• A Bountiful Harvest of Trained Plant Breeders


2015 press

Africa and Soybean Trials - Illini Farm Report - Todd E. Gleason

Donated Leather Gloves by the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research Help Women Farmers Harvest Their Soybean Crop in Ghana

Ensuring Sustainable Tropical Soybean Production

Researchers Reduce Processing of Soy Products to Boost Household Consumption

First-of-Its-Kind Research Addresses Gender Inequalities in Soybean Production

Equality for Women Farmers Helps Feed the World

Seeds of Hope

SIL Taps Top Individuals for Advisory Board


2014 press

Studying the Environmental Impact of Soy Production

• Senator Dick Durbin Announces Soybean Innovation Lab