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Plant Breeding and Germplasm Grain and Seed Quality
Increase soybean breeding capacity
and improve soybean breeding
practice in target countries.
Identify and promote improved seed
management practices under tropical
Production and Agronomy Plant Breeder Education
Establish and operate the region's
first soybean production, agronomic,
and varietal testing research station.
Establish the region's first Master's 
degree program in plant breeding.
Utilization for Human Nutrition Utilization for Livestock Nutrition
Increase soy utilization and
integration in household diets
through small scale processing
Establish Poultry Nutrition
Centers, involving soybean
extruders and maize mills
for feed production.
Gender Impacts Economic and Social Impacts
Assessments of gender
empowerment, using the Women’s
Empowerment in Agriculture Index,
when adopting soybean.
Define the socio-economic
drivers for soybean adoption
and sustainability among small
and medium holder farmers.
Environmental Impacts Seed Systems
Measure the environmental impact
of soybean production.
Provide technical support and
capacity building to public and
private sector seedcompanies
and their technical staff.