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• African Plant Breeding Master's Degree Fact Sheet - This fact sheet describes the degree and what the graduates gain from their experience in the program.



• Educating the Next Generation of African Plant Breeders - This document is an overview of the program, and provides background on the SIL WACCI collaboration. 

• WACCI External Review Report April 2015 - This 2015 review was commissioned by WACCI to advice on an effective and efficient path forward to achieve WACCI’s vision and mission on a sustainable basis for the next decade (2018 - 2028). 



• Plant Breeder Education - 2016 Program Update - This presentation describes the goals of the Master's program in the future, including scaling out to many other countries in Africa and collaborating with and leveraging the work of other programs and partners.

• WACCI External Review Panel Site Visit - This presentation summarizes the visit made by the External Review Panel when developing the 2015 report. 

• Education and Training, 2016 Master's Internships - 10/14/16 - This presentation describes the experiences and successes of the scholars selected for the 2016 Internship program. 

• Plant Breeder Education - 2015 Program Update - This presentation highlights the scholars and the achievements of the program as of 2015. 

• Plant Breeder Education - 2014 Program Update - This presentation highlights the scholars and the achievements of the program as of 2014. 



• SIL Plant Breeding Master's Degree Provides Opportunity for Students, Promotes Collaboration between Universities - This article was published October 2017 on the SIL-Agrilinks blog.

Graduate students from the West Africa Centre for Crop Improvement Visit University of Illinois – This article was published in the August 2017 SIL Newsletter. 

• Educating the Next Generation of African Plant Breeders - The master's program was featured in this Feed the Future online newsletter article. 

The following articles from the SIL newsletter and website describe the experiences and successes of the program and its interns in 2016.

• Internship Brings African Students in Plant Breeding and Genetics to the United States 

• Internship Provides New Opportunities to Next Generation of African Plant Breeders 

• Master’s Degree in Genetics & Plant Breeding

• University of Ghana - New Master Program in Plant Breeding



• Meet the Next Generation of African Plant Breeders - This video is a recording of a 2016 webinar presented by the four scholars in the program. 

• USAID Agrilinks Video Series - Plant Breeder Education - Dr. Rita Mumm, SIL Principal Investigator for Plant Breeder Education, discusses the role of the Illinois Plant Breeding Center in training plant breeders in Africa. 



• M.S. Students Conduct Research in University of Illinois Greenhouses

• M.S. Students at Dow Research Station in Sidney, IL

• M.S. Students at University of Illinois South Farms

• M.S. Interns Visit Dow AgroSciences in Indianapolis, Indiana

• Plant Breeder Education