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 • Reducing the Beany Flavor in Soymilk - This handout describes ways that soymilk producers can reduce the "beany" flavor in their product. It was developed by EnSoy Milk's Frank Peget and SIL's Human Nutrition team. 

 • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for Soy Dairy Processing Equipment - This document can be used by soy food producers to identify and mitigate against common hazards that can occur during the production process. 

 • Soy Food Entrepreneur Network Fact Sheet - This fact sheet describes the network and the ways in which SIL supports the entrepreneurs and businesses involved. 

 • Soy Processing for Nutrition - An Extension Guide - This SIL-developed guide provides information on how to process soy for household consumption. 

• How to make a wooden tofu press box - This presentation includes instructions (in images and in English) for how to make a wooden tofu press box. 

• Soy Food Recipes - This links to SIL's first ever Soy Food Recipe Database. 

• The Five Keys to Food Safety: World Health Programme - This handout details five key ways to achieve food safety, based on information from the World Health Organization. 

• Ghana FDA Specifications for Soy Milk and Soy Milk Foods - This document lists the specifications laid out for Soy Milk and Soy Milk Foods by the FDA in Ghana. 

• Process for FDA Certification in Ghana - This document describes the process by which FDA certification is achieved in Ghana. 

The following are three reports that highlight some of the results from the entrepreneurs in the network. 

• Soy Dairy Enterprise Network Weekly Report #1 

• Soy Dairy Enterprise Network Weekly Report #2

• Soy Dairy Enterprise Network Weekly Report #3


Soy Dairy Network Webinars

• Building the Network of Soy Dairy Processing Enterprises - This webinar introduces the Soy Dairy Entrepreneur Network, some of its key members, and explains the business-building benefits of participating in an industry network. 

• Packaging Techniques - This webinar highlights packaging innovations developed by members of the SIL Network. Includes methods for packaging soymilk using PET, HDPE, and glass bottles.

• Hygienic Practices - An overview of the importance and pay-off of practicing food safety in the soy dairy production room. Includes discussion of HACCP and materials recommended for soy food productions.

Strengthening the Demand for Soy - Fresh ideas for marketing your soy products in different settings, from key entrepreneurs from SIL’s Soy Dairy Network.



Value Addition Backbone to National Development - This article was published March 2018 on Malawi News Online. 

• Soy Dairy Entrepreneur Network - This article was published in UNSCN News in October 2017. 

• Feed the Future Buys into Soy in Malawi - This article was published in the July 2017 SIL Newsletter. 

• Soy Dairy Network Entrepreneur Uses Innovation to Create Profit – This article was published in the July 2017 SIL Newsletter. 

• Marketing Techniques Scale Up Soy Dairies in Africa - This article was published in the June 2017 SIL Newsletter.

• In Northern Ghana, It’s the SoyCows That Are Boosting Protein in Kids’ Diets - This article was published in the July/August 2016 USAID Frontlines Magazine. 

SoyCow in Northern Ghana Feeding Students of all Ages - This article was published in the March 2016 SIL Newsletter.

• Soy Dairy Microenterprises and Sustainability - This article was published in the February 2016 SIL Newsletter.

• Soy Dairy Systems installed in Ghana - This article was published in the April 2015 SIL Newsletter. 

• SoyCows Bring Business Opportunities to African Communities - This article was published in SIL's In The News section. 



• Soy Milk Bottling using PET Bottles - This video offers entrepreneurs a step by step process of how to ensure the bottles are sterile, how to store the soymilk after bottling, and how to minimize loss or contamination. 

• Soy Dairy Businesses in Ghana Improve Nutrition and Create Economic Development - See how two soy dairy businesses are transforming soybeans into delicious high-protein soy foods to improve nutrition and increase economic development in Ghana.

• Smallholder Farmers Educated on the Nutritional Values of Soybean - Flora Amagloh travels to surrounding communities near Tamale, Ghana providing soy milk tastings, basic nutrition education and demonstrations on preparing soy-enhanced dishes.

• Soy Food Bazaar Creates Awareness and Showcases the Importance of Soy in Ghanian Cuisines - SIL’s Soy Food Bazaars bring together in-country stakeholders to test and explore the possibilities of soy to improve a nation’s nutrition.



• En Soy Milk, Food Research Institute, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research’s (CSIR) and Food Research Institute (FRI) - Accra, Ghana

• Awurade Akwan Pure Soymilk - Soy Dairy Processing Facility - Agona, Ghana

• Pala Wassokoti Namaacha Soy Dairy Enterprise, Namaacha, Mozambique

• Soy 4 Life Dairy Enterprise, Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Nyankpala, Ghana

• 2016 Soy Food Bazaar: The Role of Soy in Ghanaian Cuisine