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Second Annual Soybean Kick-off Event: Showcasing Research-for-Development in Action

October 18, 2016 from 9am-3pm at Tegbeer Catholic House, Wa, Ghana


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The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL), the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) hosted the 2nd Annual Soybean Kick-Off Event, which showcased the latest advances in soybean development in Africa. The day featured a delicious soy lunch, a tour of the Soybean Management with Appropriate Research and Technology (SMART) Farm, visits to see new high-yielding, locally adapted soybean varieties, opportunities for participants to taste locally produced soy products and demonstrations of the latest innovations in small scale mechanization.  

The Kick-Off event began with several tours to the surrounding research stations. Each stop gave guests a unique opportunity to see research-for-development first-hand, pose questions to researchers and voice their own needs and challenges in soybean production.

Tour stops included:

Dr. George Awuni, researcher with the Soybean Innovation Lab, showcasing his SMART Farm test fields at the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute Wa station, where he is testing soybean agronomics and production including: variety trials, planting dates, plant populations trials, and inoculum/phosphorus use.

Dr. Saaka Buah with the Savanna Agricultural Research Institute Wa station showcasing his ongoing soil amendment trials focusing on different combinations of inoculant and phosphorus fertilizers on soybean at the SARI station.

Dr. Nicholas Denwar with Savanna Agricultural Research Institute and Carrie Miranda, researcher with the Soybean Innovation Lab, showcasing the latest advancements in new, high-yielding, locally adapted soybean varieties currently in development at the SARI Station.

Flora Amagloh, food scientist with the Savannah Agricultural Research Institute, and Mr. Baaru, owner of Baaru Soy Beverages, showcasing the role of soy in local Ghanaian foods and providing tastings of their soy products including soy milk, soy donuts, soy chips and tofu kebabs. 

Following the tours, guests enjoyed a delicious soy lunch at the Tegbeer Catholic House in Wa.

The day concluded with a mechanization expo showcasing low-cost soybean threshers, planters and dibblers - with demonstrations of the equipment in action.

The Kick-off Event brought together small-holder farmers, the private sector, researchers, development organizers, extensionists and government agencies to learn about the innovation, knowledge and technologies underway to support soy production in Ghana!