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SIL Variety Trialing Network Webinar Series: Establishing the Network

The first installment in the Soybean Innovation Lab's webinar series on the Variety Trialing Network. Featuring presentations from SIL's Dr. Brian Diers, Dr. Peter Goldsmith, Syngenta Foundation's Dominik Klauser, and many others. Broadcast on June 15, 2017.

This webinar is the first of its kind and discusses the partnership that SIL has with the Syngenta Foundation. Through this partnership, SIL is using the Syngenta Foundation infrastructure to enhance the soybean variety trials. By working together, SIL and the Syngenta Foundation are eager to expand the soybean variety trials, learn more information about each variety's suitability for African growing conditions, and bring in different kinds of germplams to the program that may be adapted to the environments in Africa. 

The goal of this webinar is to allow those in the variety trialing network to learn more about the trials, share their own thoughts and experiences with variety trialing, discuss how to expand the trials and potentially bring them to other countries, and how to secure more funding.  

Webinar Schedule:

5 minutes – Goals and objectives of the webinar (Brian Diers)

5 minutes – Introduction of SIL (Peter Goldsmith)

5 minutes – Introduction of the Syngenta Foundation trialing (Dominik Klauser)

15 minutes – Overview of trials in Kenya (George Osure)

15 minutes – Overview of trials in Mali (Diarra Aboubacar)

15 minutes – Overview of trials in Malawi (Edgar Wavomba)

5 minutes – Plans for trials in Zambia and other countries in southern Africa (Godfree Chigeza)

5 minutes – Plans for trials in Ethiopia (Abush Tesfaye)

5 minutes – Plans for trials in Ghana (Nicholas Denwar)

10 minutes – Future plans for the trials, topics for future webinars (Brian Diers) 

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