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Smallholder Soybean Adoption

The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) is implementing the first rigorously conducted research on soybean sustainability in Sub-Saharan Africa through a controlled research study involving soybean introduction among smallholder farmers in Ghana and Mozambique.

Dr. Jill Findeis is an agricultural economist at the University of Missouri and leads SIL’s socioeconomic research assessing the economic impact of soybean introduction at the smallholder farmer level.

The research specifically studies purchase and utilization of inputs, labor allocation, gender biases, the importance of information communication technology, the minimum efficient scale, market failures and spatial constraints related to soybean production by smallholder farmers in the tropics.

This research will provide the foundational knowledge to enable the study of more applied questions such as alternative models of bundling seed, inputs and training to optimize adoption and sustained production as well as differing approaches to information communication technology extension and new models promoting greater financial liquidity.







Dr. Jill Findeis
Dr. Kathleen Ragsdale
Dr. Mary Read-Wahidi