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Soy Dairy Enterprise Network

SIL has established a soy dairy enterprise network, currently with five soy dairy enterprises in Ghana and Mozambique. The Lab trains the enterprise managers to recognize the importance of benchmarking their businesses, specifically addressing cost of production analyses, equipment utilization, economic performance, income generation, volume of product produced, and number of people served.

The soy dairy enterprise network is the first of its kind working to connect soy dairy operations throughout Africa to enable entrepreneurs the ability to share their gathered experience, business practices, training, and technological knowledge.

The Soybean Innovation Lab’s Soybean Nutrition Specialists work with the soy dairy enterprises in Ghana and Mozambique to provide technical guidance and support along with metric tracking and performance evaluations.

The metrics on production and product distribution are important quantifiable results to help managers know how their soy dairy enterprise is progressing. Follow-up support from The Innovation Lab helps operators ensure their enterprises achieve high-quality and continuous production standards to meet consumer demand and their unique business goals.

The Soybean Innovation Lab’s team continues to strengthen the growing soy dairy enterprise network throughout Africa by providing data-driven results, evidence-based knowledge, and new technologies. Establishing a sound foundation for soy dairy entrepreneurs will, the Innovation Lab hopes, will spur more successful businesses, and in turn stimulate economic development, improved nutrition, and reduced poverty.

To become a part of the soy dairy enterprise network or to learn more contact or a member of the Soybean Innovation Lab’s Human Nutrition Research Team.



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