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Soy Food Bazaar: The Role of Soy in Ghanaian Cuisine

Friday, October 21, 2016 from 10am-3pm at The World Trade Center, Accra, Ghana

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The Soybean Innovation Lab and soy food vendors from across Ghana hosted the Ghana Soy Food Bazaar in October 2016. The event featured delicious soy foods, soy food demonstrations, nutrition games, networking and advocacy. 

Members of the Soybean Innovation Lab’s Soy Food Entrepreneur Network provided tasting of their soy products and offered them for sale.

Nearly 20 different vendors and booths were on display showcasing the wide variety of soy based foods utilizing local Ghanaian ingredients and recipes.

The opening ceremony included speeches by prominent figures, as well as the Guest of Honor, Hon. Nana Oye Lithur, Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection of the Government of Ghana.

Attendees engaged in panel discussions throughout the event with topics focused on:

Best business and production practices for successful soy foods entrepreneurship

Soy integration into Ghanaian foods (soy processing, soy in household diets, integration of soy in school feeding programs)

The role of soy protein in nutrition and health

The Soy Food Bazaar was designed to:

  • Raise awareness about how soybeans may be used more effectively to address protein deficits in Ghana, through integration of local Ghanaian household dishes, continental recipes, and into school feeding programs
  • Showcase viable business opportunities in the soy value chain for improved human nutrition
  • Advocate for greater policy support for the soybean value chain in Ghana