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Soy Food Bazaars

Competitors in the 1st Annual Chef's Competition stand with winners head chef Kojo Fuga and sous chef Mary Abudu of the Radach Memorial Lodge & Conference Centre in Tamale.
Photo credit: SIL

The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) works internationally to highlight the adaptability, acceptability, and appropriateness of soy integration into local cuisines. SIL's Soy Food Bazaars bring together industry partners including soy food producers, soy processors, nutritionists, advocacy groups and government officials to highlight the role soy can play in improving the nutritional profile of African dishes and foods.

SIL has implemented Soy Food Bazaars in Ghana and Ethiopia, which showcase the versatility of soy-enhanced foods through creative recipes and address the role high-quality soy protein can play in improving institutional feeding programs like school lunches. Soy processing demonstrations, soy cooking demonstrations, soy cooking competitions and industry exhibit booths are features of Soy Food Bazaars, creating a fun-filled atmosphere that advocates for increased soy consumption.

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