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Soy in School Lunch Caterer Training

Nationally-acclaimed Ghanaian Chef Nutepe Kartey-Attipoe leads the 2017 Caterer Training in collaboration with the Ghana School Feeding Program (GSFP)
Photo credit: SIL

The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) has created the Soy in School Lunch Caterer Training to instruct caterers and school administrators on how to create soy recipes for school lunches. These soy recipes provide schoolchildren a serving of high-quality protein and are designed to fit with each school's per-child budget for school lunches. Soy is the cheapest form of high-quality protein, and it is a versatile food coming in many forms – milk, flour, textured soy protein (TSP), okara and tofu.

Soy's neutral flavor makes it adopt the flavor of the food it supplements so that it can be used in cuisines of all regions and flavors. SIL seeks to partner with local chefs to lead trainings, teaching caterers about the proper ways to prepare soy foods as part of region-specific recipes that the caterers can then introduce to their school canteens.

The Soy in School Lunch Caterer Training Objectives:

- Raise awareness about how soybeans may be used more effectively to address protein deficits in Africa, through their integration into region-specific school lunches.

- Demonstrate how soybeans can be used to enhance nutrition and provide very delicious and healthy food for school lunches at lower costs to policy officials, school caterer associations, district assemblies and Parent-Teacher Organizations.

- Advocate to policy makers the need and benefits of including soybean in the recipes of their national feeding programs.

- Train school lunch caterers in soy processing and soy food recipes so that they can begin to use adequate amounts and forms of soy in the lunches they prepare for students.

SIL is reaching out to policy officials, school caterer associations, district assemblies, Parent-Teacher Organizations, food technicians, soy food producers, nutritionists and chefs to participate in future trainings. For more information on the event, or to express interested in future trainings, contact

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