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Soybean Kick-Off Events

Event participants on site during field tours at Ghana's 2nd Annual Soybean Kick-Off Event.
Photo credit: SIL

The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) actively engages in outreach and education events that support collaboration, networking and information and resource sharing within the soybean value chain. In Ghana and Ethiopia, SIL has organized Soybean Kick-Off Events that bring together researchers, agricultural development organizations, government agencies, extension agents and private industries to demonstrate SIL's work in each country and share evidence-based guidance, knowledge, technologies and innovations. Soybean Kick-Off Event attendees tour SIL and partner breeding and agronomic research trials, see demonstrations of locally-produced thresing mechanization, discuss soil fertility and nutrient amendments, safe pesticide application, management and storage and enjoy a soy-enhanced lunch that showcases the role soybean can play in the local cuisine.

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