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Soybean Success Kits

To increase smallholder soybean yields, The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) developed the “Soybean Success Kit”, a starter pack for soybean production including all needed inputs and educational training.

The Soybean Success Kits contain 2.5 kilos of locally produced soybean seed, 2 kilos of fertilizer, a bag of inoculant as well as pictorial instructions on inoculating, planting and harvest, printed on the Soybean Success Kit bag. Also, included in the kits is a small bag of sugar for making a sticky solution for use in mixing the seed and inoculant. Recipients of the kits receive extension on soybean agronomy and education on soybean nutrition and human utilization. In each village, SIL researchers provided a demonstration on how to inoculate soybean.

Between 2014 and 2016, the SIL distributed 2,400 Soybean Success kits in Ghana and 2,400 kits in Mozambique. Smallholder farmers noted significant difference in the performance of soybeans produced from the kits using inoculum, fertilizer and appropriate agronomic practices including proper row spacing and planting density as compared to their traditional methods.

Using the kits smallholder farmer’s soybean yields doubled from 1,000 kg/ha to 2,300 kg/ha, showing that with the correct inputs and educational training smallholder farmers can drastically increase their crop yields and in turn their income.

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