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Strengthening the Demand for Soy: Marketing Techniques for Soy Dairies

Soy consumption is on the rise in Africa, but it is still a new food in many locales. How do you stimulate demand for soy foods in your community so that you can expand your business? The third installment in the Soybean Innovation Lab's (SIL) Soy Dairy Entrepreneur Network Webinar series will present different strategies for introducing soy foods in local markets, expanding your customer base, and matching production with growing demand. Seven entrepreneurs in the SIL Soy Dairy Network present on how they identify customer bases with potential demand for soy, sustain marketing campaigns, and develop an appealing brand for their products.
Watch this webinar to learn about how you can take your soy business to the next level and build the soy food industry in Africa.  

Webinar Participants:

Mr. Samuel Ofori, Food Operations Manager of Golden Soy Enterprise, Ayikuma, Ghana

Mr. Bemhiretu Boka, Emissary for Bore Milk, Jimma, Ethiopia

Ms. Benedicta Atosona, Managing Director of Ploutizo Enterprise, Bolgatanga, Ghana

Mr. Zelalem Yimer, Deputy Director of Faffa Foods, Ltd., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dr. Joseph Kwame Osei, Managing Director of AA Pure Soya Milk, Agona, Ghana


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