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Tasty Mozambique

Nina Furstenau at the University of Missouri, collaborating with the Soybean Innovation Lab is developing a cookbook about the women in Rotunda, Mozambique and their favorite recipes. The book will introduce Mozambique families to new soy-enhanced dishes while connecting on a personal level. 

Tasty Mozambique will include the women talking about their food history, their favorite recipes and tales about how they sustain their families over time. This will show a picture of Mozambique culture that is celebrating their culture, their lives and their history.

Furstenau will travel to Mozambique with a photographer and graphic designer to interview women in Rotunda Mozambique, record their stories, and take photographs and video of them preparing their dishes.

The book will be printed in both digital and print form. Recipe cards will also be developed for each recipe in the book and will include pictures with easy to follow instructions for use in rural villages with limited literacy skills.

Contact us to learn more or to receive a copy of Tasty Mozambique.