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Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP)

The Integrated Breeding Platform (IBP) is an online portal serving as a one-stop shop for information, analytical tools and related services to design and carry out integrated breeding projects. The IBP is designed for use by developing-country breeders and was developed by the CGIAR Generation Challenge Programme (GCP) with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Soybean Innovation Lab (SIL) has collaborated with CGIAR to expand the IBP Breeding Management System (BMS) software to include a soybean-specific module to support soybean breeders in crop improvement activities from seed inventory to nursery to phenotypic evaluation and data analysis.  It provides capacity to create field books, produce field maps and print row tags and packet labels.   

The soybean-specific module of the BMS includes a database of over 33,000 germplasm accessions. The system also features a crop ontology developed in part by SIL researchers Dr. Randy Nelson and Dr. Brian Diers including a correlated trait dictionary and standardized rating systems for traits of interest.   

SIL soybean plant breeders Dr. Nicholas Denwar, Dr. Godfree Chigeza and Dr. Abush Tesfaye received comprehensive training on the BMS and continue to receive technical support from IBP, which is available at no cost for all African national agricultural research systems (NARS). The platform also supports the community of practice for soybean breeders, providing access to information and training on best practices, molecular markers data, genotyping services and other tools. SIL breeders both at IITA and the NARS have improved their breeding programs through the training and support received by the IBP.  SIL has proven the value of BMS training for improving breeder performance, which in turn results in a stronger national seed system.

Soybean breeders in Africa can access the IBP and the soybean-specific BMS module through this link (Click here). Licensing information can be found under the “Breeding Management System” tab.

Click here to access the IBP Soyabean Community of Practice.