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ACES News - 6/29/21

Researchers pinpoint unique growing challenges for soybeans in Africa

ACES News - 5/18/21

Soy kits provide earning power for women entrepreneurs in Malawi


AgriLinks News - 3/25/21

Free Online Course Explains the Role of Gender in Agricultural Development


ACES News - 10/21/2020

Soybean 360: A virtual international symposium on agro-processing in Sub-Saharan Africa


ACES News - 10/16/2020

Internet connectivity is oxygen for research and development work

ACES News - 9/17/2020

Soybean Innovation Lab event unveils new $1M USAID initiative

ACES News - 9/10/2020

Soybean Innovation Lab selected to lead new $1M initiative to maximize USAID impact

ACES News - 8/4/2020

Soybean Innovation Lab releases new guide to African soybean seedborne diseases and pests

Seed Info Feature - July 2020, Issue 59, pg. 9

Improving Farmer Productivity Through a Sustainable Private Sector Seed System

ACES News - 7/10/2020

Partnership will bring industry expertise to African agro-processors

Agrilinks Feature - 4/30/2020

Soybean Innovation Lab Teams with FirstWave in Zambia to Create Resiliency and Market Strength Through Agricultural Mechanization

ACES News - 4/13/2020

Soybean Innovation Lab provides knowledge that assists soybean production in Africa

ACES News - 4/3/2020

Soybean Innovation Lab and Agricultural Transformation Initiative partner to assess and develop nutrition interventions in Malawi

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Global Food for Thought - 2/26/2020

Soybean Innovation Lab is Mechanizing Agriculture Across Africa with Multi-Crop Thresher

ACES News - 1/30/2020

ACES International announces 2020 Undergraduate Global Food Security Scholars

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Global Food for Thought - 1/17/2020

Addressing the barriers to soybean production in Africa

Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Global Food for Thought - 1/2/2020

Maximizing the Yield Potential of Soybean in Africa


Chicago Council on Global Affairs: Global Food for Thought - 12/2/2019

USAID’s Feed the Future Soybean Innovation Lab is Working Across the Value Chain to Enable the Advancement of Soybean Development in Africa

ACES News - 11/4/2019

Developing red leaf blotch resistant soybeans through research in Africa

ACES News - 10/28/2019

Soybean Innovation Lab is connecting people around the globe with new, free online course

ACES News - 5/2/2019

Soybean Innovation Lab Organizes two field days in Malawi

ACES News - 2/14/2019

Soy is a cost-effective way of adding protein to school lunches in developing countries, study shows

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